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Without the right environment and techniques, Chinese may seem like a formidable language to learn.

Huá will help you fulfil your aims for learning Chinese – be it to build a sturdy Chinese language foundation, to conquer your Chinese exams in school or to make yourself “China ready”.

Whether you are an 18-month-old toddler or a 16-year-old teenager, we will accompany you on your Chinese learning journey!


Our Programmes


Chinese Enrichment for 

Students in Local Schools

Since 1992, many Singaporean parents have entrusted their child’s Chinese learning journey to us.

Many of our students enrol at Huá as preschoolers and graduate as secondary school teenagers. Now, we even have ex-students sending their own children for classes at Huá!

We have a thorough understanding of the Singapore Chinese MOE syllabus and have helped countless children conquer their fear of Chinese exams by teaching them to learn smart. 

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Chinese as a Foreign Language

We also have Chinese classes for children, teenagers and adults who want to pick up Chinese for personal development. 

Pick up Chinese phrases that will be useful in daily life and gain a better understanding of Chinese traditional and pop culture along the way!


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